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Aug 20-23, 2015

2515 Covert Rd.
Lodi, New York 14860


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Pickin' In The Pasture 2015 Band Lineup
Come experience a powerful lineup of legendary bluegrass artists and outstanding new groups in the beautiful Finger Lakes of New York State! We try to balance your old favorites with exciting new talent. Note that we have a full schedule of music on Thursday so make planes to arrive in time! Celebrate 18 years of world-class bluegrass with us and all your friends August 20-23th 2015!

Smokey Greene............Thursday

Smokey Greene and his guitar have entertained thousands of his fans year after year. Now well into his 80's, Smokey shows no signs of slowing down but has chosen to retire from the road. This will be Smokey's last performance at Pickin' In The Pasture. His show resurrects many great old songs that bring back fond memories to his audience. Smokey is a legendary performer here in the northeast. Plan to be here to honor this great man who has given his whole life to the music we love.
Zink And Company.......Thursday

We are very proud to welcome Corey Zink and his fine band to Pickin' In The Pasture for the first time. Corey and his bandmates have been creating quite a stir here in the Northeast and Canada and we thought you folks deserved to see this highly entertaining band. They come highly recommended by Pickin' In The Pasture fans who have seen them perform at other events. We look forward to having them here!
Remington Ryde.......Thursday

Remington Ryde continues to delight their fans wherever they appear. This Pennsylvania based band has one of the heaviest touring schedules on the circuit. Don't miss their show at Pickin' In The Pasture.
Chad Darou and Stealing Time.....Thursday, Friday

The members of this outstanding New York based group are no strangers to Pickin' In The Pasture. They are regulars at the jam circles in the campground every year whether they are hired to perform or buy a ticket to get in. These players live from Tug Hill in the north country down to the shores of The Susquehanna near the Pennsylvania line. They are all professional level musicians or singers. Don't overlook some of the best bluegrass talent in NY State.
The Jesse Alexander Band.............Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

The Jesse Alexander Band is the host band of Pickin' In The Pasture. Jesse first appeared on stage here when he was two years old with his friend Bob Paisley. He has since learned to play fiddle and mandolin and is also singing lead and harmony. He has been receiving a lot of help with his music from our many bluegrass friends. 16 year old Jesse has recorded three albums and will be appearing at numerous festivals and events in the east this year. Jesse's sidemen include his dad Andy Alexander on banjo, his mother, Susan Alexander on upright bass, and his good friend Luke Parsnow on guitar. In addition to playing on stage, Jesse looks forward to picking with other young people at the festival.
The Darrell Webb Band .......... Thursday

Darrell first appeared at Pickin' In The Pasture as a member of JD Crowe And The New South. Next he was here with Wildfire. Now he is here as the leader of his own group, The Darrell Webb Band. Darrell has put together some of the top young talent in the country that will amaze you with their hot picking and stellar vocals. You are going to love them!
Goldwing Express ............Friday

Mixing sounds of bluegrass, country and gospel with a lot of light-hearted comedy, this nationally acclaimed show band of three Native American brothers and their dear dad continually delight audiences with their varied entertainment. We have received many requests from Pickin' In The Pasture bluegrass fans to continue having this unique group back. This year they will perform on Friday.
Jeff Scroggins and Colorado............Friday

One of the fun things about Pickin' In The Pasture is experiencing a band you have never seen before. This year we are excited to introduce you to Jeff Scroggins and Colorado from you guessed it, The Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Jeff is a world champion banjo player and is joined by his son Tristan who can tear up a mandolin and Greg Blake who is an outstanding lead singer. After their appearance at Pickin' In The Pasture, I'm sure you will be seeing this great band at other fine venues in the East! Promoters check them out here.
Danny Paisley and the Southern Grass.........Friday

Danny Paisley is a perennial favorite at Pickin' In The Pasture. Along with his father the late Bob Paisley, this band has been instrumental in making the event what it is today. This is probably the hardest driving band in the history of bluegrass music. Danny is considered by many to be the finest singer in the business. His young son Ryan has stepped up and is doing a great job on the mandolin. Danny and the boys have become family and always have a big time hanging out with their "pasture" friends. We welcome them back for the 18th straight year!
The Bluegrass Brothers ......Friday

The Bluegrass Brothers are back! Bring your friends to see the highest energy show in bluegrass music right here at Pickin' In The Pasture. It's been a few years since this family band has been here and we have had many requests for their return. Hold onto your seats and get ready to be rocked!
Cap & Cady

Enjoy the old time pre bluegrass sounds of Cap & Cady. The fiddle and banjo go together great with mountain vocals. Don't miss this act that will open the show on Saturday.

A big "Pasture" welcome to this fine group from the hills of West Virginia. Idle Tymes is getting very popular on the southern bluegrass circuit and we are really happy to be able to present them to you here in The Finger Lakes. For the first time, make welcome Idle Tymes!
The Little Roy and Lizzy Show........Saturday

After The Lewis Family retired from the business, Little Roy needed to stay busy. He joined forces with Lizzy Long and formed The Little Roy And Lizzy Show. Their material includes gospel songs from The Lewis Family as well as their own religious and secular bluegrass music. Many of you have seen them perform here before and know what a fun time they provide. Tell your friends!
Larry Efaw and the Bluegrass Mountaineers......... Saturday

If you like real mountain music done in the style of The Stanley Brothers, you will really enjoy the sounds of Larry Efaw and the Bluegrass Mountaineers. Larry has put together some of the best hardcore bluegrass players and has come up with some outstanding music for those of you who appreciate the real deal. Check out his album "She Left Me Standing On The Mountain" and you will see what I mean.

Sideline is made up of an all-star caste of bluegrass musicians. The members include Skip Cherryholmes of the famous Cherryholmes Family on guitar, Steve Dilling long time banjo player of IIIrd Tyme Out, fiddle player Greg Luck from JD Crowe and the New South, Jason Moore of Mountain Heart on bass, and Brian Auldridge on the mandolin. This world-class lineup of players is something you don't want to miss. It don't get any better!
1st NY Light Artillery Reynolds Battery

Jesse is a member of this Civil War reenactment group. The unit originated in the Finger Lakes area at the beginning of the Civil War. The Battery will be encamped at the festival over the weekend and doing demonstrations including a live firing of their artillery piece.
Uncle Al and Auntie Em

Because Pickin' In The Pasture is fun for the whole family, Uncle Al and Auntie Em will be here again to entertain the young people on Friday and Saturday. They combine puppets and songs to make an enjoyable experience for the children.
Higher Mountain......Sunday Morning

On Sunday Morning Reverend Christine Kesterson will conduct a church service. The service will feature the bluegrass gospel music of Higher Mountain Bluegrass. You are invited to attend before traveling home.

Pickin' In The Pasture
Aug 20-23, 2015

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