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Pickin' In The Pasture 2021 Band Lineup
Come experience a powerful lineup of fabulous bluegrass artists in the beautiful Finger Lakes of New York State! We try to balance your old favorites with exciting new talent. Unlike some festivals, all of the bands performing at Pickin' In The Pasture sing and play at a professional level. Note that we have a full schedule of music on Thursday so make plans to arrive in time! Celebrate 23 years of world-class bluegrass with us and all your friends August 26-29th 2021!

The Jesse Alexander Band.....Thur, Sat

The Jesse Alexander Band is the host band of Pickin' In The Pasture. Jesse was 8 months old at the first festival. He has since learned to play fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and bass and is also singing lead and harmony. Jesse has recently been very well received at several nationally known bluegrass events across the country. Jesse's sidemen include his dad Andy Alexander on banjo, his mother, Susan Alexander playing upright bass, and lifetime friend, Luke Parsnow picking guitar. In addition to playing bluegrass, Jesse works as a winemaker at the prestigious Lamoreaux Landing Winery.
The Price Sisters...Thur

These twin sisters are getting very popular on the bluegrass circuit. Lauren is a terrific mandolin player who has studied the Monroe style and Leanna does a wonderful job on the fiddle. You will love their tight vocals when they sing together as only twins can. As a bonus, Lauren is bringing her husband Scott Napier to play guitar. I first saw Scott as a teenager playing with Larry Sparks and then years later with The Lost And Found. Banjo player, Lincoln Hensley studied under his mentor Sonny Osborne and it shows! But wait there's more! On bass will be Bobby Osborne's son Bobby Jr. This will be the first performance of this outstanding group in the area. Don't miss it!!!
The Alex Leach Band...Thur

Alex Leach is no stranger to Pickin' In The Pasture. He has performed here previously with Larry Gillis and more recently with Ralph Stanley II. Now Alex has his own band!!! Alex has ties to our area since he married a girl from right here in Seneca County this last year. Also, he met his banjo player, Brandon Mansur at a workshop he conducted in The Pasture a couple years ago. We are proud to feature young people like Alex and his new band. I am confident that he will become a legendary name before his bluegrass career is over!
The Kody Norris Show.... Thurs.

The Kody Norris Show performed here a couple of years ago and we have had a huge number of requests to bring this amazing band back to Pickin' In The Pasture. These country stars of RFD TV will entertain you with their great vocals, hot picking, and well crafted stage show. Be in The Pasture on Thursday it see this world-class act!!!
Mark Miklos....Fri,Sat

We have received numerous positive comments about Mark's solo performances at Pickin' In The Pasture. It takes a special talent for one man and his guitar to hold an audience the way he does. Mark does a great job as he digs into the old country material of Hank Williams and others.
Larry Efaw and the Bluegrass Mountaineers......... Friday

If you like real mountain music done in the style of The Stanley Brothers, you will really enjoy the sounds of Larry Efaw and the Bluegrass Mountaineers. Larry has put together some of the best hardcore bluegrass players and has come up with some outstanding music for those of you who appreciate the real deal. Larry has lots of friends at Pickin' In The Pasture!

Caroline Owens is an American Bluegrass and Gospel artist. She has performed alongside many of her heroes such as Alison Krauss, Suzanne Cox, The Isaacs, Larry Gatlin, Darin & Brooke Aldridge, Lorraine Jordan and many others. Caroline is excited to be partnering with Pinecastle Records and looks forward to making new fans in The Pasture this August. Her voice reminds listeners of a young Dolly Parton! You will love her!!!
Gary Brewer and The Kentucky Ramblers....Friday

Many bluegrass music legends have appeared at Pickin' In The Pasture over the last couple of decades. Gary Brewer has been on our bucket list and this year we have him! The Brewer family has been making music in the hills of Kentucky for 6 generations and 3 of these generations will be on the stage here in The Pasture. We are excited to be part of Gary Brewer and The Kentucky Ramblers 40th Anniversary Tour!!! Gary and The Ramblers will be performing one special long set on Friday evening.
Midnight Run.....Sat

Every year we become aware of new up and coming band that we want to share with you folks. Midnight Run plays hard core traditional bluegrass music and takes no prisoners! These young guys come from the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee and I know you are going to enjoy them.
The Little Roy and Lizzy Show......Sat

These folks just can't seem to slow down! They have appeared many times in The Pasture and never grow old. They put on the highest energy show in bluegrass music!!! We are proud to have this highly requested act back at Pickin' In The Pasture. You never know what might happen during a Little Roy and Lizzy Show!!!
Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road...Friday and Saturday

Bluegrass fans love The Lady Of Tradition. Lorraine Jordan carries one of the finest bands in bluegrass music. She has helped many young people get started in bluegrass and this year, in addition to her regular band she will be bringing the young banjo sensation, Garrett Newton with her for a special performance. Lorraine knows how to make it happen!!!
JR's Back Alley Barbeque

While you are being entertained by some of the top acts in acoustic country and bluegrass music you can also enjoy some world-class food!
George's Pro Sound

The key to the world-class stage show at Pickin' In The Pasture is not just the lineup of great musicians. The sound reinforcement is perhaps even more important. Without good sound, not only does the audience suffer but musicians can't play and sing their best. George's Pro Sound brings the best of high end equipment, the finest sets of ears, and worked with us to acoustically treat the stage for optimum sound quality. Many professional musicians have commented to us that the sound was as good as it gets anywhere! George's Pro Sound has made our reputation at Pickin' In The Pasture for truly stellar sound.

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