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Pickin' In The Pasture 2018 Band Lineup
Come experience a powerful lineup of legendary bluegrass artists and outstanding new groups in the beautiful Finger Lakes of New York State! We try to balance your old favorites with exciting new talent. Unlike some festivals, all of the bands performing at Pickin' In The Pasture sing and play at a professional level. Note that we have a full schedule of music on Thursday so make plans to arrive in time! Celebrate 20 years of world-class bluegrass with us and all your friends August 23-26th 2018!

The Jesse Alexander Band.....Thur, Fri

The Jesse Alexander Band is the host band of Pickin' In The Pasture. Jesse was 8 months old at the first festival. He has since learned to play fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and bass and is also singing lead and harmony. 18 year old Jesse has recently been very well received at several nationally known bluegrass events across the country. Jesse's sidemen include his dad Andy Alexander on banjo, his mother, Susan Alexander playing upright bass, and lifetime friend, Luke Parsnow picking guitar. In addition to playing bluegrass, Jesse is studying wine technology and viticulture in college and works as the assistant winemaker at the prestigious Lamoreaux Landing Winery.
Cap and Cady...Thur

This fun old time duo will be back in The Pasture this year to share their old time mountain music. Everyone loves this couple!
Aaron Foster and Dreamcatcher...Thur

Aaron and this fine up and coming group of young people had their beginnings at East Tennessee State University. They have developed into a very professional band. Not only does this band kill it on stage, they also love mashing it in the campground. Make plans to hang out with Frosty and these fun folks!
Bob Amos and Catamount Crossing

We love bringing outstanding new talent to The Pasture. Bob Amos is known for his song writing, guitar playing, and singing with the renowned Colorado based group Front Range. He has since moved to Vermont and is playing banjo with a fine bunch of New England bluegrass musicians. You will not be disappointed with the performance these folks put on.
Mark Miklos....Fri,Sat, and Sunday Gospel

We have received numerous positive comments about Mark's solo performances at Pickin' In The Pasture. It takes a special talent for one man and his guitar to hold an audience the way he does. Mark does a great job as he digs into the old country material of Hank Williams and others. He will be joined by Danny Stewart, Wally Yoder, and other quests on Sunday morning for the Gospel Show.
Remington Ryde...Fri

This band is no stranger to The Pasture. They have become one of the leading "entertainment" groups on the bluegrass circuit. This year they will be performing a tribute to the late great James King who many of you have seen at Pickin' In The Pasture several times in the past. They have a new album on the Pinecastle label entitled "The Bluegrass Storyteller" a tribute to our old friend James.
The Kody Norris Show...Fri

If you watch RFD TV you have seen this wonderful young entertainer. He is a fantastic showman and his music brings back memories of Jimmy Martin and The Sunny Mountain Boys. This will be Kody's first appearance at Pickin' In The Pasture and we are very excited to have him with us this year!
Larry Efaw and the Bluegrass Mountaineers......... Friday

If you like real mountain music done in the style of The Stanley Brothers, you will really enjoy the sounds of Larry Efaw and the Bluegrass Mountaineers. Larry has put together some of the best hardcore bluegrass players and has come up with some outstanding music for those of you who appreciate the real deal. Check out his album "She Left Me Standing On The Mountain" and you will see what I mean.
Ralph Stanley II and The Clinch Mountain Boys....Fri

Over 21 years ago, Dr. Ralph Stanley agreed to be our headliner at the very first Pickin' In The Pasture. His performance here got the festival off the ground and running. Now a couple of decades later we are honored to have his son Ralph II and The Clinch Mountain Boys back in The Finger Lakes. Come hear The Stanley Tradition carried forward.
5 Mile Mountain Road...Sat

This high energy group features bluegrass music with the old time influence of their home in the hills of Franklin County Virginia. Don't miss their explosive performance!
Little Roy and Lizzy....Sat

These bluegrass entertainers need no introduction! They have appeared here in The Pasture many times and always leave the crowd yelling for more. What crazy antics will Little Roy come up with this year?
The Feinberg Brothers....Sat

These brothers started playing at Pickin' In The Pasture as part of the legendary "Kids Band". Several of these youngsters went on to become professional caliber musicians. Rourke and Patrick Feinberg, along with their dad Ron, have developed a band that I can only describe as the real deal in bluegrass music. If you are a purist, you will agree that these boys play it right!
Junior Sisk and Rambler's Choice.....Sat

Junior is considered to be the finest singer in bluegrass music. His group has been on the top of the charts and tearing it up on the festival circuit for many years. Junior and his band will be going off the road at the end of this season. Don't miss this last opportunity to see the man who will no doubt be known as a bluegrass legend in years to come.
Nothin' Fancy......Sat

Nothin' Fancy made their debut here at Pickin' In The Pasture many years ago. We get a lot of requests for this fun group of guys and try to get them back whenever we can. They always go over big. They are considered to be one of the top entertaining bands on the bluegrass circuit.
George's Pro Sound

The key to the world-class stage show at Pickin' In The Pasture is not just the lineup of great musicians. The sound reinforcement is perhaps even more important. Without good sound, not only does the audience suffer but musicians can't play and sing their best. George's Pro Sound brings the best of high end equipment, the finest sets of ears, and worked with us to acoustically treat the stage for optimum sound quality. Many professional musicians have commented to us that the sound was as good as it gets anywhere! George's Pro Sound has made our reputation at Pickin' In The Pasture for truly stellar sound.

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