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Pickin' In The Pasture 2017 Band Lineup
Come experience a powerful lineup of legendary bluegrass artists and outstanding new groups in the beautiful Finger Lakes of New York State! We try to balance your old favorites with exciting new talent. Note that we have a full schedule of music on Thursday so make planes to arrive in time! Celebrate 20 years of world-class bluegrass with us and all your friends August 24-27th 2017!

The Jesse Alexander Band.....Thur, Fri, Sat

The Jesse Alexander Band is the host band of Pickin' In The Pasture. Jesse first appeared on stage here when he was two years old with his friend Bob Paisley. He has since learned to play fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and bass and is also singing lead and harmony. He has been receiving a lot of help with his music from our many bluegrass friends. 18 year old Jesse has recently been very well received at several nationally known bluegrass events across the country. Jesse's sidemen include his dad Andy Alexander on banjo, his mother, Susan Alexander playing upright bass, and lifetime friend, Luke Parsnow picking guitar. In addition to playing bluegrass, Jesse is studying wine technology and viticulture in college and works as the distiller at a local winery.
Remington Ryde............Thursday

Remington Ryde has become well known across the country for their fast moving, highly entertaining performances. The band features the song writing of Ryan Frankhauser and the instrumental prowess of Billy Lee Cox on banjo as well as Warren Blair on fiddle. It will be good to have these guys back on The Pasture stage again.
David Davis and The Warrior River Boys....Thursday

When it comes to traditional bluegrass music, no one has been as faithful as David Davis. David's Uncle Cleo was one of Bill Monroe's original "Bluegrass Boys". David carries on that tradition yet has developed his own unique sound. It has been several years since The Warrior River Boys have performed at Pickin' In The Pasture. David says, "right now I have the best band I have ever had!" Fans that really understand traditional bluegrass music should be pretty excited about this groups appearance.
Scotty Eager and The High Lonesome Sound.......Thursday

Scotty Eager is a well known musician both on stage and in the campground at festivals around the northeast. Some of you might remember Scotty from his performances here with Eager, Hampton, and McGill many years ago. It's great to have Scotty back with his own band, "The High Lonesome Sound". I'm sure that you will be able to find these guys at late night jam sessions out in the campground.
Mark Miklos....Friday and Saturday

Those of you missing Smokey Greene will really enjoy Mark Miklos' solo performance. He does a great job as he digs into the old country material of Hank Williams and others.
Larry Efaw and the Bluegrass Mountaineers......... Friday

If you like real mountain music done in the style of The Stanley Brothers, you will really enjoy the sounds of Larry Efaw and the Bluegrass Mountaineers. Larry has put together some of the best hardcore bluegrass players and has come up with some outstanding music for those of you who appreciate the real deal. Check out his album "She Left Me Standing On The Mountain" and you will see what I mean.
Circa Blue...Friday, Saturday, SundayGospel

We received so much positive feedback about this up and coming group that Circa Blue will be back this year! In addition to performing two secular sets, they will host the Sunday morning gospel program. Last year the Gospel show featured several guests and was the highlight of the weekend for many people. Plan to attend this before hitting the road on Sunday. I also want to mention that Circa Blue hosts their own bluegrass festival in Martinsburg, West Virginia on Mother's Day weekend. It is an easy drive down I-81.
Danny Paisley and the Southern Grass.........Friday

Danny Paisley is a perennial favorite at Pickin' In The Pasture. Along with his father the late Bob Paisley, this band has been instrumental in making the event what it is today. This is probably the hardest driving band in the history of bluegrass music. Danny recently captured the IBMA Male Vocalist Of The Year Award but we have known that there wasn't anyone better for the last 20 years! His young son Ryan has stepped up and is doing a great job on the mandolin. Danny and the boys have become family and always have a big time hanging out with their "pasture" friends. We welcome them back for the 20th straight year!
Jeff Scroggins and Colorado............Friday

The crowd at Pickin' In the Pasture last year were blown away by this fantastic band from out west. They received not one or two, but three encores and a standing ovation at the end of their Saturday evening show. It took some scheduling but Jeff, Tristan, Greg, Ellie, and Isaac have arranged to stop off in The Finger Lakes on their way from Europe to British Colombia. This is the hottest new act in bluegrass music! For innovation that excites, check them out!
Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road....Friday and Saturday

Lorraine Jordan is one of the biggest movers and shakers in the bluegrass industry. She has been riding the wave of her new "country grass" album that featured the guest appearance of many country stars from the '70s '80s and '90s. "The Lady Of Tradition" surrounds herself with some of the best side men in the bluegrass business. Don't miss this wonderful band!
Nothin' Fancy......Saturday

Nothin' Fancy made their debut here at Pickin' In The Pasture many years ago. We get a lot of requests for this fun group of guys and try to get them back whenever we can. They always go over big. They are considered to be one of the top entertaining bands on the bluegrass circuit.
Josh Goforth....Saturday

A few years ago Josh did a workshop here on stories and music of Appalachia. Everyone loved it and several people commented that it should have been on the main stage. Not only is Josh a brilliant traditional musician, he can also tell a wonderful story. We feel very fortunate that Josh has agreed to share some more of his stories and music acquired while growing up in the Appalachian Mountains.
David Parmley and The Cardinal Tradition.......Saturday

The Bluegrass Cardinals were probably the most influential bluegrass band to perform in New York State. They created many bluegrass fans with their unique approach to the music over the last several decades. They were the inspiration for many aspiring bluegrass pickers in the area. In the past, Continental Divide and The Bluegrass Cardinals Reunion have graced the stage at Pickin' In The Pasture. We welcome back David Parmley with his new group of old Cardinals alumni.
George's Pro Sound

The key to the world-class stage show at Pickin' In The Pasture is not just the lineup of great musicians. The sound reinforcement is perhaps even more important. Without good sound, not only does the audience suffer but musicians can't play and sing their best. George's Pro Sound brings the best of high end equipment, the finest sets of ears, and worked with us to acoustically treat the stage for optimum sound quality. Many professional musicians have commented to us that the sound was as good as it gets anywhere! George's Pro Sound has made our reputation at Pickin' In The Pasture for truly stellar sound.
classic car show

On Saturday, over two dozen classic cars from around the Finger Lakes will be on display!

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